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Digistore24 is THE specialist in the German speaking region when it comes to providing a smooth and easy to use sales solution for sellers. Their automated sales technology allows sellers to focus on their product and it relieves them of all technical and administrative burdens and connects them to online advertisers. As this is a very complex service they had to find a clear way to communicate what it is they offer. To allow them to further scale their business we were looking to build a strong employer image as well.
That’s why we created a short video film that explains how the product works and points out the benefits for the end users. We filmed them in their office and interviewed the founders to produce an employment video that reveals their company culture and point out their specific needs.

We Created

Product video

We applied the new modern vision created in the brand style guide. The 2D animations support the visual story and accentuated the highlights. We included trusted partners to give the viewer a deeper understanding of the product

Employment video

We built the employment video around the interviews with the founders and team members to recreate a sense of their unique working environment and company values. We shot footage during real workshops and meetings to make it as authentic as possible.

Video testimonials

A series of testimonials – there’s a strong social proof element here as their clients are well-known. The videos are spontaneous and authentic and were shot during an actual event.

Expect the best

How we do it

We developed a concept according to a modern vision and interviewed the stakeholders to identify what information pieces we should include in the script. The 2D graphics were designed to be consistent with elements found in the design of their webpage and we made sure they were animated smoothly.




Story board




Post-production & Anmiations



The new brand

Product video

The product videos immediately show what the main benefits of the product and the affiliate network are for the end user. Both videos give you a first overall impression, with one tailored to  potential clients and the other to employees.

The new brand

Employment video

The recruitment video shows the real people behind the company, illuminates their beliefs and gives an idea of the working climate at Digistore24. Both videos give you a first overall impression, with one tailored to  potential clients and the other to employees.

New corporate image

Consistent with the new brand guidelines that we created.

Modern look and feel

Dynamic and including 2D animations to clarify our main points and allow the end user a better understanding.


We put in effort to show the real working environment, which benefits both sides.

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