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Employer Branding, New Web Presence & B2B Strategy

Digistore24 is THE specialist in the German speaking region when it comes to providing a smooth and easy to use sales solution for sellers. Their automated sales technology allows sellers to focus on their product as it relieves them of all technical and administrative burdens and connects them to online advertisers. As this is a very complex service they had to find a clear way to communicate what it is they offer.

That’s why we sat down with them and created a modern brand identity aligned with the key characteristics that define the Digistore24 business personality. We transferred the complex information into a user oriented design of the website, with supportive video content. We empowered also their employer branding and helped them with the B2B marketing strategy. 

We Created

Web design & coding

We created a user-friendly webpage that hosts all the important information for the product and the company without becoming cluttered. 

Consistent look & feel

We worked to integrate the new brand identity system for Digistore24 across all touch points and collaterals, including mobile app, membership area and the new website. 

New video content

The videos were developed to support the new brand identity, providing information about the company, the product and giving strong social proof from satisfied clients.

Expect the best

How we do it

We started with a kick-off workshop defining the goals of the project – employer branding, B2B image & boost turnover, continuing with brand definition workshop to create a new brand identity, a new wireframe structure and an improved webpage with a totally new user experience. The new visual identity was developed to meet their online and offline needs and to align with the newly defined brand identity.






Prototyping and Design





The new brand

In action

100% responsive

Designed to be 100% responsive for all devices for the best mobile experience with both video and text.

Intuitive navigation

It offers a simplified menu navigation for better usability as well as easier reading.

Corporate style

We kept the design of all elements consistent with the new brand style guide that we created together.

Modern look and feel

We stuck to the latest trends from the industry to fit market where Digistore24 is operating.

User friendly

We wanted to create a user-friendly webpage, so we worked hard to design a simple and natural flow for the users.

Playful icons

We spent a lot of attention on custom icons that would make the financial topic more accessible to the user.

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