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Sales funnels and lead generation

DELL is a one of the leaders in the computing and high-tech industry. They have products and services for almost everybody, from private persons to schools and large businesses. And they are one of the strongest brands in the world. They have been true pioneers in the digital business and that’s why we were very excited to work with them.

One important goal for DELL at the time was to attract more young and tech-affine people with fancy and portable devices, as well as with powerful multimedia machines. We ran a number of diverse campaigns on various networks and community platforms to achieve this goal.

Main goals

Brand awareness

We managed to increase the brand awareness in the target group and activated many of them to become brand ambassadors through their own user generated content.

Lead generation

With multiple contests, landing pages and community activities we were able to activate raving fans and we built mailing lists to stay connected to them which helped increase sales.

Boost turnover

We created new two-step sales funnel to attract the target group in new and different way. The campaigns generated direct and indirect conversions, which were very measurable. The uplift we saw in sales was truly amazing!

Expect the best

How we did it?

We analysed the data from previous campaigns to understand what brought the best results before. We checked the competitors with their best deals, analyzing their sales funnels and campaigns too. We created new landing pages with audience specific designs and tested many variations to find out the best performing interface. We then activated communities and launched our viral campaigns. The uplift was amazing and the sales results were truly stunning!

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Campaign management

The campaigns

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