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Alienware Videos


Video Spots & Product Videos

Alienware is one of the leading gaming brands worldwide offering powerful portable laptops and high-end desktop machines. With their unique design and top-tier products, they target a niche market and they rely strongly on the brand attachment. They wanted to enter the European market with force and they needed to adapt their strategy to the market and this required sets of creative assets and videos for the local campaigns.
This is why we created trailers for each product launch and tailored them to the different language zones to fully support the European Campaign. We also produced videos with seasonal highlights and dedicated campaign spots to boost our sales even more.

We created

Video ads

We created multiple video spots to promote seasonal offerings and present the brand during special online activities. We adapted them for multiple languages and were flexible about updating them as the campaigns went on.

Product videos

For the product launches we created product videos with 3D graphics. We highlighted the important specifications and revealed further details in a catchy video.

Event videos

We covered important events for the brand, fair presentations and cooperation activities and filmed these for internal and external use.

Expect the best

How we do it

Following the brand style guide, we created attractive concepts for the videos that seamlessly integrated the important elements of our marketing campaigns. An important step of the production was the integration of partner elements and logos such as those from Intel, Microsoft and Nvidia which required us to follow their specific implementation and approval processes.




Story board




Post-production & Anmiations



Video spot

The M17x

Product video

The X51 in the living room

Flexible video ad system

We created a system of videos that were easy to adapt to  the different language zones, to support our special promotions and occasions.

Product transparency

We created videos that explained functions of the hardware and that showed the computers in action.

Cool image

Cool videos that connect with the target audience and that easily flood the channels they are watching.

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