Case Study

Alienware go-to-market


Online campaigns and activation

Alienware is one of the leading gaming brands worldwide offering powerful portable laptops and high-end desktop machines. With their unique design and top-tier products, they target a niche market and they rely strongly on brand attachment.They wanted to enter the European market with force and they needed to adapt their strategy and marketing campaigns so that they could  reach their financial goals.

We started with a unique strategy and dedicated budget to each market. We organised co-operative activities and co-branded campaigns, entered active communities and activated them with viral campaigns, all with the goal to connect to the customers and boost sales.

Main goals

Product launches

Market entries

Sales campaigns

Expect the best

How we did it?

We put a lot of effort in reaching the communities, connecting with opinion leaders and in this way activating the brand. And we overdelivered on the yearly plans. Several times too.


The campaigns

In action

First mover

Alienware communities in Europe

Highly-profitable campaigns

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