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We’ve reached the most exciting part of our journey. The moment where we have transformed our ideas and strategy into great creatives, strong copy, engaging videos, the moment where the campaigns are live… Now we just have to sit back and wait for the sales to go up and up… well, almost.

Because we are always committed to doing better, we  stay focused on the main goal of increasing sales and we continue to look for new ways to improve each single element of our puzzle. We dig further and further to increase the conversion rates, to activate new target groups and to earn more from the existing users and serve them better.There is always room for improvement!

Tracking & analysis

Optimize for growth

The key to successful campaigns that generate more sales is in the tracking and analysis of data.

We go back through the books, measuring and analyzing what has happened during your first campaigns efforts and your previous product launches.

Then we adjust, rearrange, and re-budget the top performers and apply new tactics that will allow you to achieve your biggest goals.


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Evergreen campaigns

The Mission is possible. To create evergreen campaigns that work and keep working, That is something we love to do. Evergreen campaigns require only small optimizations over time  because the strategy behind them is solid. For the DELL Inspiron Mini we formulated a strategy targeting a new audience and with a dedicated campaign we saw a 900% surge in sales. Want to learn more?

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