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Ideas & Strategy

A powerful start

We start together with the client approaching their product as if  it’s our own. We bring a passion and desire for results. We begin with defining “the perfect clients” – what do  they look like, what do they feel, where do they hang out; do they understand their own problems and needs; what is their level of brand awareness; how will we build rapport to each of them; which topics do they warm up to. And so on and on.

When we have all these questions answered it’s easy to formulate an appropriate strategy. A good strategy that’s easy to execute and where one of its main goals from the beginning is to achieve stellar sales. When you start with sales in focus and when you have it strategically nailed, results will follow.

A smart start

The strong background

For more than 10 years we have been coming up with ideas for product launches, entry strategies for new markets and segments, and go-to-market strategies that we executed together with some of the biggest players in the digital world. We’ve done it on at least 15 markets. And we bring the expertise that allows us to decide how to  use existing assets and we know, for example, how to leverage offline assets when creating profitable online activities. Each time we’re vindicated as to how effective, cost-cutting and easily scalable the digital world really is.  As we introduce new strategies you can approach your market from a new, fresh and lucrative angle. And rest assured we always take the opportunity to integrate the latest technologies in our work.

With the right strategy and ideas we’re highly cost effective. Thanks to experience, intuition and  the right timing, we open up the best chances for success.

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Thing big

Go-to-market strategy

Alienware was about to enter the European market and they figured they needed a different approach for the gamers living on the old continent. It turned out those gamers are quite different from their American brothers and sisters and it turned out there were also significant differences between European countries. We prepared and executed our strategies on various core European markets and achieved some truly stunning results. Curious about some highlights?

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