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18 years ago when I started working online and ran my first digital campaigns I was amazed by the great results that we achieved in comparison to previous offline activities. Some of the big companies that we’re working with today were already smart enough by that point to shift some of their huge offline budgets to online, and we could see in parallel campaigns how online outperformed all other efforts with the same clients & audiences. By now digital marketing, campaigns and sales are the standard. But it still makes all the difference how you approach digital marketing, and how you execute it. This makes the difference between good and bad results.

With all our experience and know-how in handling these big budgets, we have developed a simple three-step process that helps us assure that our digital campaigns yield the best possible sales results. We always look at all components of ideas, strategy, planning, execution and analysis of what has happened. We use all of the assets our clients have and combine them in a perfect mix for a perfect result. And that’s what makes the difference


Nescho Topalov


Marketing, Design and Sales

Powerful & Fine

The Top Ideas Digital Heads (& Hearts)

We’re fresh and energetic, whether it’s digital or live. We trust our good feelings (and the numbers) and we love to feel this sparkle of joy when we create great things together with our clients. We feel strongly connected to our projects and we love to overdeliver and achieve great results.

Nescho CEO & Co-Founder

Nescho started this all 10 years ago and now he has a compelling story to tell...

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Janina COO & Co-Founder

Janina loves the digital world for its infinite possibilities and the ability to realize super fine ideas ...

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How we do it?

A Simple 3-step process

Our approach is unique in the digital market. Normally you would see all these steps apportioned across different divisions and different agencies with different people in charge at each stage. What we achieve is a unique holistic approach because we execute every step ourselves and bring it all together in one company. And that results in great output and numbers.


Step 1

We begin creating the ideas and the strategy. We use and analyse all existing assets, analyse current results and identify what has been successful and where we see opportunities for growth. We redefine who is the perfect client and decide on a strategic level where we want to take the business, never losing focus of the sale goals we envisioned at the start.


Step 2

Now it’s the time to turn the top ideas into reality. We create beautiful and functional designs for high-performing campaigns. We create a full range of assets that serve the strategy – landing pages, ads, video content, pre-rolls, etc. Then we link them in one big universe, tracking and atomising the processes and campaigns.


Step 3

We take a step back to enjoy the results, live each day, as we see how our ideas are now a reality across  the world, creating brand visibility and generating sales. But we don’t rest on our laurels, as everything up to now was just the first round. From here on we continue to push onwards with constant optimizations, and as we automate the technical aspects we can concentrate on new ideas that will bring us better and better results.

Some of our highlights

Years of greatness

Our story: 11 very exciting years

  • 2017
    Impact Entrepreneurship

    Digital marketing for entrepreneurs and investors with social impact

  • 2016
    Top Ideas Digital

    New: topideas.digital

  • 2014
    Personal brands & digital products

    Development of personal brands and digital products for opinion leaders and companies.

  • 2012
    Co-Branded marketing campaigns

    Product launches of premium brands in the digital industry: EA, Microsoft, Intel, Blizzard, Nvidia. Building up a strong media network with Viacom (MTV), dailymotion, etc.

  • 2010
    Alienware in Europe (Extended)

    Expanding the Alienware activities for all core European Markets. Product launches and online campaigns.

  • 2009
    Alienware in Europe

    Brand entry of Alienware on the European market. Go-to-market strategy and online campaigns in Germany.

  • 2008
    Sacred 2

    Creating the promotional concept for Sacred2 and the P2P arena (Ascaron Entertainment, part of Bertelsmann).

  • 2007

    Combined marketing activities for DELL XPS – targeting young people in Germany with the premium XPS line. Managing online activations and campaigns.

  • 2006
    ESWC (Electronic Sports World Cup)

    Go-to-market strategy for the ESWC for the German region, online and offline activation.

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